How To Build An Email List Fast! 17 Proven Steps For Success

how to build an email list fast

How to build an email list fast is a question that most business owners ask at some point. After all, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers and promote your business or brand. As a small business owner, you know how important it is to have a loyal…

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Google Business Profile Listings Are DEAD!


Your Google My Business listing is dead…well, sort of. On November 4th Google made an official announcement that your “Google My Business” listing will now become your “Google Business Profile”. They also announced the GMB App will officially come to an end in 2022. What does this change mean for your business? Read on to…

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10 Common Marketing Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid!

marketing mistakes

1. Not Having A Marketing Strategy 2. Not Knowing Your Target Audience 3. Ignoring SEO and Content Marketing 4. Using Outdated Marketing Techniques 5. Failing To Use Analytics Data 6. Placing Too Much Emphasis On Social Media 7. Not Using A Blog On Your Website 8. Not Hiring An Expert 9. Not Using Email Marketing…

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What Is The Clubhouse App? Should You Be Using It?

what is the clubhouse app

 What Is The Clubhouse App? What is the Clubhouse app? You’ve probably heard of this invite-only networking app that has shaken up the social media landscape. And despite its infancy, it’s already spreading like wildfire, with some even wondering how it may change social media altogether.   Similar to a podcast, Clubhouse is focused on…

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How To Use Canva For Instagram Infographics

what is an infographic

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today, I’m going to show you how to use Canva for Instagram infographics. Instagram infographics are a great way to make eye-catching graphics for your Instagram feed that will increase your overall engagement and brand awareness when done the right way. This is the first in a series on how…

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