30 Must-Have Features Of A Good Business Website

Features of a good business website

Every website is different, but there are many common elements and features of a good business website. Without these, visitors often become frustrated and leave the site long before they purchase a product or achieve the desired goal.     Here are 30 proven features of a good business website to ensure more sales, conversions and…

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7 Powerful Reasons You Need Website Maintenance Services

website maintenance services atlanta

I see this quite often where business owners get a website built and then they “set it and forget it.”  Without proper website maintenance services, this can sometimes be a costly and critical mistake in the long run.    Website maintenance is like an oil change for your car.  It’s something that keeps everything running smoothly and can…

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11 Powerful Warning Signs Your Website Needs A Makeover


If you’ve been wondering lately whether or not your website needs improving, take a look at these 11 signs that your website needs a makeover.  What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t benefit your business?  After all, the reason you chose to have a website in the first place was to increase…

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5 Ways Your Website Color Scheme Can Help Build Your Brand


It is a known fact that color can influence a person’s emotions and general mood, and eventually, his or her behavior. This is why your website’s color scheme may make or break your website’s success. Let us count the ways.  5 Ways Your Website Color Scheme Can Hep Build Your Brand Color can draw attention…

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15 Reasons Not Having a Blog is Killing Your Business!


There are definite benefits of blogging for small business, and here I’ll go into detail on some of the adverse effects, not including one on your website may have.  You hear it all the time: “You need a blog!” But, what you may not hear is why not having a blog is killing your business! Do…

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5 Secrets On How To Write An About Me Page


Every professional website needs a client-friendly About Me page… but do you have what it takes to create one? Crafting a really great About Me page is a piece of cake as long as you can remember one thing: it’s not really about you. Here are 5 secrets on how to write an about me page…

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15 Simple Ways To Lower Your Website Bounce Rate


Bounce rate is a very important website statistic, though it’s not exactly self-explanatory.  If you’ve taken a look at bounce rate in your Google Analytics and still didn’t understand what it referred to, this article is for you.  We’ll explore what does bounce rate mean? What does a good bounce rate look like?  And how can…

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13 Reasons You Need A Mobile Friendly Website Design

responsive website design

Now that we live in an age where most adults own a smartphone and regularly use it to browse the web, it’s imperative for all website owners to have mobile friendly website design.   In order for business and personal websites to stay relevant, they must keep up with modern website expectations, and the biggest expectation…

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