Google Business Profile Listings Are DEAD!


Your Google My Business listing is dead…well, sort of. On November 4th Google made an official announcement that your “Google My Business” listing will now become your “Google Business Profile”. They also announced the GMB App will officially come to an end in 2022. What does this change mean for your business? Read on to find out.


Why The Change?

According to Google, they are making this change in an effort to “keep things simple.” Instead of making changes to your listing using the Google My Business App, you’ll be able to manage your Google Business Profile directly on Google Search or Google Maps. This is not the first time Google has renamed the local business listings, at one time it was called Google Local, then Google Places.


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Google Business Profile Features

As mentioned, you’ll be able to manage your Google Business Profile directly from Google Maps and Search instead of having to log into a separate app. Just make sure that you are logged into the Google email address associated with your current GMB listing and do a simple Google search for your business name. Once you locate your listing you’ll see options to:


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  • Claim and verify a new Google Busines Profile directly from search (if the business is not currently listed on Google)
  • Edit your profile, hours, products, and services
  • Check your performance analytics
  • Add new photos
  • Generate a short link to request reviews from customers
  • View and reply to reviews
  • Answer questions
  • Turn on messaging, view and respond to messages
  • See your Google Business Profile call history

One thing that’s constant in digital marketing is change and this is one that Google hopes will keep business owners more engaged with their business listing while making it easier to manage. This feature has been available for some time, but now Google is officially transitioning all GMB business listings to Google Business Profiles.


What If Your Business Has Multiple listings?

For businesses with more than one location to manage, the current Google My Business dashboard now, “Business Profile Manager” will still be the best place to manage your various listings.




What Does This Mean For Your Business?

The most interesting part of this change is the ability to manage all of your business information directly from Google Search and Google Maps. This means you’ll be able to make changes and add or remove business categories, products, and services, edit hours of operation on the fly, add new pictures, complete your business profile, and even respond directly to reviews and messages from potential customers. All of this without having to log into a separate app.

As mentioned, Google hopes that this will encourage business owners to keep their Google Business Profile information up to date by making it easier to make these changes without the need for logging into a separate dashboard.


What Do You Think?

Do you think this will make it easier to optimize your Google Business Profile? Will you be making updates more often now? Only time will tell how business owners will respond to the new changes. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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