How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Consider this situation. You own a reasonably successful business and you would like to increase your customer base. Would you send out an email to all of your clients simply saying “buy from me?”

Hardly! No one would be interested in that sales pitch! Email marketing needs to be lot smarter than that.

The first thing you see when you receive an email is the subject line! The front line of attack. If you can’t grab people’s attention with the subject line they probably won’t even look below.

Even using the term “alert” in it will help draw interest from your recipients. But, be careful not to make it too long. 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line.

Businesses use professional companies to create ad campaigns to create interest, a point of difference, and a reason to buy now! You have seen them, and they do work. If they didn’t work we would not see them on television or hear them on the radio.

Email marketing is nothing different. The audience can be just as big. It is what you put into the email that creates interest, creates a call to action, and creates an urgency to buy, buy, and buy!

Check out the infographic below by and find out how you can improve your email marketing strategy starting today.