How To Use Instagram Name Tags For Business

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How to use Instagram name tags for business. Today I’m going to show you how to quickly use, make and scan Instagram name tags to increase your Instagram followers with people who are actually interested in your business! 

Why use Instagram name tags?

It’s great for networking offline as a way to increase your Instagram followers. Maybe you are at a networking event, trade show or even at your office.


You can encourage people who don't already follow you on Instagram to scan your name tag instead of having to search for you on Instagram. Simply share your Instagram name tag directly from the app. It's a really easy process and has a ton of possibilities as well.


How to create an Instagram name tag


1. Open your IG app.
2. Click the 3 bars in the top right-hand corner
3. Click on "nametag"


Now you can customize the look of your nametag by color, emoji, or by using a selfie.


how to use instagram name tags for business


How to change the background of your Instagram name tags


Customize your Instagram name tag background color

If you want to change the background color of your IG name tag just tap the background of your nametag until you get the color that you like the best.


how to use instagram nametags for business


Use an emoji for your IG name tag

You can also use an emoji for your background.   To choose an emoji for your nametag you will tap on the name at the top, in this case, it’s "color". Now you’ll see "emoji".

You can change the emoji by taping on the background, scroll until you find an emoji that you like.


how to add emoji to instagram name tag


How to use a selfie image for your Instagram nametag

You can also choose to use a selfie. To pick a selfie, tap on the words emoji at the top of the page and that will change it to selfie mode.

Once you click that, just tap the background to choose a selfie, tap the background/ or the sticker to change the sticker. Once you have on that you like, click the circle at the bottom to change the save the photo.

You can also retake a photo, save it to your camera roll or share it.


Optimize Instagram name tags for your business


Now, this is where the magic comes in for businesses. You can print out your Instagram name tag and have your customers or patients scan it to easily follow your Instagram account while they are at your place of business. They won’t have to spend time searching for you and then following on the IG app.


This is also great for use at networking events. You can even add your Instagram name tag to your business cards, printed ads and more!  There are many creative ways that this feature can be used.




That's how to use Instagram name tags for business.  I also want to invite you to get your copy of the Instagram hashtag strategy guide for business! It has over 40 different industries in it and the hashtag research has been done manually!  Be sure to grab your free copy today.  Take a look at some of the related posts below in case you missed them.