What Is The Clubhouse App? Should You Be Using It?

what is the clubhouse app

 What Is The Clubhouse App?

What is the Clubhouse app? You’ve probably heard of this invite-only networking app that has shaken up the social media landscape. And despite its infancy, it’s already spreading like wildfire, with some even wondering how it may change social media altogether.


Similar to a podcast, Clubhouse is focused on the exchange of good ideas via audio. Nielsen reports that light podcast listeners listen to roughly 10 hours of podcasts per week. But what would that number look like if those podcasts could be unscripted, and interactive?


Clubhouse attempts to do exactly that. Using its self-proclaimed “drop-in audio” chat rooms, anybody has the opportunity to facilitate chats. You can open up a room for discussion, join existing clubhouse rooms, or peruse the hallways looking for rooms with topics that interest you.

But who uses Clubhouse? And how do you get invited to the Clubhouse app?


What Is The Clubhouse App Used For?

The Clubhouse App is a social networking app built for connecting people through conversations. This app allows the ability to learn, network, ask questions and have unique conversations in a way that we have yet to see on any other social media network.  The app is built around REAL conversations with REAL people! 


Another great thing about the app is that the people you follow and your interests will dictate the types of rooms that are suggested to you in your list of rooms also known as the hallway.  These topics cover just about anything from business to very unique personal interests.  Ultimately, you get to decide how you want to use your Clubhouse account.  



How To Get A Clubhouse Invite and Reserve a Username

To use Clubhouse, you’ll need to be given a Clubhouse app invite. The app is also currently only available for iPhone users. However, the Clubhouse team has already said that it’s working on an Android app.


To get an invite to the platform, an existing user simply needs to invite you using your cell phone number. When new users sign up, they receive two free invites. They can send these to whoever they want using the recipients’ cell phone numbers.


Despite the app’s current exclusivity, Clubhouse eventually plans to open to the public. However, having been founded in 2020, the company is still “opening up,” as it says on the Clubhouse website.


Regardless, you can still download the app and reserve the username you’d like to use when you do get invited. When you create a unique username and are added to the waiting list, it will also notify your contacts who are existing Clubhouse users that you’ve reserved your Clubhouse username. This can be another way to gain quick access,  as it will notify some of your current contacts that you are on the waiting list, and prompt them to “wave you in”.


what is clubhouse app used for


How Is Clubhouse Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

You can think of Clubhouse as a sort of interactive podcast app with networking capabilities. Rather than focusing on posted content like other social media platforms, Clubhouse focuses on important conversations of the user’s choice across many different industries and interests.


The emphasis on audio is one of the major differences between Clubhouse and traditional social platforms. On Clubhouse, you can look through Clubhouse rooms with a number of different conversation topics. Another great feature of Clubhouse is that once you join a room, there’s no commitment to stay. 


You can choose to just listen, join in on the conversation (if allowed), or leave the room quietly at your will.  Rooms also have a closed structure, allowing a single person or group of moderators to control them. These controls can include entry into the room, discussion topics, and who gets to talk, and who simply listens.


According to NPR, Twitter and Facebook are already working on their own versions of the audio app concept, along with almost 25 other tech companies. It’s not if Clubhouse will change the future of social media – it’s how Clubhouse will change the future of social media.


How To Use The Clubhouse App For Business


The app’s implications are also wide-reaching for businesses.  Clubhouse has powerful networking capabilities that allow you to connect with influencers that you’d probably never have the chance to have one-on-one interaction with on any other platform. You literally have the opportunity to sit on the stage with influencers like Elon Musk, Grant Cardone, Tiffany Haddish, and tons of other celebrities, business influencers, politicians, and more!


Think of this as a huge conference with almost endless breakout rooms!  The best thing is that you don’t have to get dressed up and get yourself together to attend.  I’ve heard from people in their cars, tending to their children, admittedly in workout attire fresh from the gym, it doesn’t matter because the interaction is all by way of audio.



Business Meetings

While many use Zoom for work meetings and connecting with others, Clubhouse can also be used for private rooms that could allow interactions with co-workers and staff.  

Market Your Services

Clubhouse also provides the opportunity to market your services, show the human side of your company or brand, and even hire or find jobs.  Ultimately, Clubhouse lets you float from room to room as you please, so your business can use the app however you want it to.  It also provides an excellent opportunity for companies and brands to sponsor various rooms.

Build Awareness, Credibility, and Trust For Your Brand

As a business professional, you can start your own Clubhouse rooms with your own topics. You can do so privately for specific internal affairs, or publicly to teach, encourage professionals to network, provide timely information, and much more!  This is a great way to establish authority for your brand by building trust and credibility.


Clubhouse: A Drop-in Audio, Conversational Social Media App

Whether you’re already on Clubhouse or you’re patiently waiting to get your invite, there’s a lot to be excited about with this app. Where other social media platforms can make discussions difficult, polarizing, and sometimes completely isolating, Clubhouse focuses on human-to-human conversation. Clubhouse places the sharing of valuable ideas through discussion at the forefront of its app model, and it’s immediately apparent when joining.


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