How To Use Canva For Instagram Infographics

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Today, I'm going to show you how to use Canva for Instagram infographics. Instagram infographics are a great way to make eye-catching graphics for your Instagram feed that will increase your overall engagement and brand awareness when done the right way. This is the first in a series on how to use Canva for Instagram. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won't miss the next video.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of complex information or data such as statistics, that are condensed so that the information can be easily digested and understood in a single graphic image. This image is typically enhanced using charts, icons, graphs, and text to more easily explain information so that it can be better understood. Infographics are great for increasing your brand awareness and for Instagram posts, they have the potential to increase overall engagement and even go viral in some cases.


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how to use canva for instagram infographics


How To Create Canva Infographics for Instagram

Canva is a great platform for creating stunning designs and you don't even have to have a background in graphic design to use it.

1.  Start with an eye-catching template. 

For my Instagram infographics, I always start with an Instagram template in Canva. Go through and see if there's something that falls in line with your overall theme for your Instagram Post.  Don't have a theme in mind?  You can use the many templates for inspiration. I also like to use various elements from different templates to create a unique design.

2. Choose a background. 

Once you've chosen a template, it's time to make the background pop!  You can drag and drop different background images or photos into your design to see how they look.  Don't be afraid to experiment.

3. Create a great headline.

On the left-hand side hover over the text icon to select your headline text. I like using clean fonts, you want to use a font that's very easy to read and catches attention.

4. Add your subheadlines and a brief description of the information, stats, or data. 

Again, you'll want to choose a font that's very easy to read.  I also find it easy to create the information for my Instagram infographic on the notepad app on my cell phone then copy and paste the information into the Canva App as needed.




5. Add images, icons, and or videos to your infographic. 

The free edition of Canva has a ton of options to choose from and the Canva Pro version has even more!  Choose elements that compliment the color scheme and your overall theme.  Elements are located on the left side panel in Canva and you can also search to find specific types of elements and icons for your IG post.  You can even filter your search for animated or static images and free or paid images.  In the 'elements' area, you'll find everything from icons, to shapes, charts, illustrations, and more!

6. Download your Instagram infographic. 

Once you have tweaked your design to your liking, it's time to download your creation.  I recommend downloading your image in png format because the text will appear sharper than other formats.  If you have a video in your design, then you'll want to download it in the suggested video format.


Infographic Content Ideas

Now you may be wondering, what types of Instagram content you can use to create a great infographic?  Well, there's a ton of information in your industry that you can explore. Here are 5 content ideas to get you started.

  1. How-to-Guide - provide a step-by-step tutorial.
  2. Comparison - show industry trends and how something has changed over time.
  3. Tips and Facts - provide educational and or interesting tips and facts about your industry.
  4. Lists - try creating a top 5 or top 10 list as it relates to your business.
  5. Statistics - show interesting and or trending stats for your field or as it relates to your customers or clients.



I hope this helped you learn how to use Canva for Instagram infographics. Remember that once you've created your Instagram infographic you can also copy the design in the future and use it as a template for something brand new.  I've actually got another part to this post coming up next week, where we're gonna explore Carousel Instagram posts and animated Instagram posts. Be sure you tune in so you don't miss it.

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