5 Ways Your Website Color Scheme Can Help Build Your Brand

It is a known fact that color can influence a person’s emotions and general mood, and eventually, his or her behavior. This is why your website’s color scheme may make or break your website’s success. Let us count the ways.

 5 Ways Your Website Color Scheme Can Hep Build Your Brand

  1. Color can draw attention to your brand.

            According to a study conducted by Satyendra Singh, it only takes 90 seconds within initial interaction for people to make up their minds about a product, and around 62 to 90 percent of this initial assessment is based on its colors. When a user visits your website, you have only a minute or so to make a good impression. If your website is beautiful to look at and easy on the eyes, the more chance you have for users to take a closer look and browse your products and services.

  1. Color can help with brand recognition and recall.

            Consistency is an essential element in becoming a recognized brand, so when your color palette is consistent, it helps to improve the way your customers perceive who you are and what you offer. In fact, the Loyola University Maryland study shows that 80% percent of brand recognition may be attributed to the psychology of color.

            A great example is McDonald’s, and how people attribute the red and yellow color combination to their brand. This color scheme is simple, but helped their brand become known and loved worldwide.
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  1. Color can reinforce your overall business.

            Your website is your business’s online storefront or showroom, so your color palette should not only complement your logo, but also provide the right tone that reflects the services you provide. Remember that your website’s colors may be the first thing that a visitor notices (be it on a conscious or subconscious level) and first impressions do last!

            Choosing the right colors can help you send the right message about your brand’s personality. It can help your brand seem intriguing, appealing, evocative, and elegant, or it can make your brand seem lacking, pretentious, or even dishonorable.

  1. Color can help you appeal to your target market.

            After determining your target audience, it can be quite tricky to strategize ways of reaching them, holding their attention, and appealing to their emotions. But color can help you do just that.  The same colors that appeal to a specific demographic may not be the same ones that appeal to another, and people may react differently to certain colors. For instance, the colors blue, purple, and green can be useful in evoking positive emotions in women, while men much prefer the colors blue, green, and black. But beware — too many colors may create confusion and you might just turn off your audience.

  1. Color increases conversion.

            So, you’ve chosen a color palette that is appropriate to your business and matches your company’s colors. However, you can place psychology-appropriate colors as well in strategic places such as your headers and calls-to-action (CTA). Using contrasting colors for your CTA can help draw the customer’s attention to it. When an item on your website stands out, it is easier for people to see it and remember it.

            When the right color themes are used properly, it can help increase your website’s conversion rates by ultimately evoking the right emotions, attitude and desired behavior. What does this translate to? Sales.

            Color leaves a lasting impression and perception, which is why this is the first step to building an effective brand image and strong online presence. Color is indeed a very powerful branding tool that can help you reach your goals.

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  1. Carly on November 14, 2016 at 7:38 pm

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    Aha, I didn’t think about the colors attracting your target market. This was very useful, taking notes for sure. Thank you. 🙂